Hills Antenna NM-25 Digital TV Signal Meter



Hills Antenna NM-25 Digital TV Signal Meter

The Hills Antenna NM-25 Digital Signal Meter helps you align your TV Antenna for the best digital
reception with a minimum of fuss. The NM-25 connects directly to your TV Antenna and
the LED’s indicate the signal strength.


  • Install a 9V battery into the holder at the rear of your NM-25. (Battery not included).
  • You can also power the unit with a 5-12V DC adaptor fitted with a 3.5mm jack
    plug (not supplied).
  • Use the F lead supplied if your TV Antenna has F connectors to connect from the TV Antenna balun into the socket marked Antenna on the NM-25.
  • The PAL to F adaptor supplied can be used to test for a signal at any TV Antenna wall
    socket when connected to the Antenna.
  • NOTE: Connection to the Receiver F socket is optional and can be made if you
    want to watch the TV picture during testing, it is not necessary to make this connection
    to test the signal strength