Datatek 24SECCAB CCTV System Security Cabinet

  • Datatek 24SECCAB CCTV System Security Cabinet
  • Datatek 24SECCAB CCTV System Security Cabinet
  • Datatek 24SECCAB CCTV System Security Cabinet


Datatek 24SECCAB CCTV System Security Cabinet

If you need a safe and sturdy cabinet for your CCTV system, you can't go wrong with the DataTek 24SECCAB. This cabinet is made of cold rolled steel with a durable hammertone finish that resists scratches and marks. It can hold up to 30kg of weight and fit a monitor up to 24" with the 50/75/100mm VESA options.

The cabinet has a pull-down door with adjustable ear mounts that can accommodate up to 2RU of equipment, such as a 4 x hard disk drive bay NVR or DVR, with the 240-480mm width and 465mm depth options.

There's also enough space under the monitor to store a mouse or UPS. But what makes this cabinet really stand out from the rest are the amazing features and accessories that come with it. Like the dual fans that run on USB power and the V-shaped ventilation holes that keep everything cool, or the Ø 50mm knockouts with cable grommets that protect the cables and prevent tampering.

In addition, there is a 5-outlet PDU that's already installed that can also be swapped with any standard 19” rack PDU if needed. For a smart and sleek solution for your security needs, choose the DataTek 24SECCAB Security Cabinet.


  • Supports up to a 2RU NVR or DVR (or similar equipment) with a flexible mounting system allowing for variable width adjustments (240 - 480mm wide x 465mm deep)
  • Supports up to a 24" (max) monitor with support for VESA 50/75/100 mounting points
  • Supports a small UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply) to be fitted into the bottom of the cabinet
  • Strong, compact construction with a neutral finish that is mark, scratch and finger print resistant
  • Safe & secure with dual cabinet locks
  • More airflow vents than standard cabinets, plus 2 included & pre installed cooling fans.  Fans are connected via a Y-cable to plug into a single USB power source (not included)
  • 5 - Outlet Power Rail (PDU) is included, pre installed & RCM approved
  • Unique expandability function allows for a 19" Rack mounted PDU for more outlets
  • Strategically positioned Ø 50mm knockouts with protective cable grommets to minimising tampering and sharp edges against your pass through cables
  • 4 keyhole style mount holes for quick, efficient & secure mounting
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Enclosure Type:
CCTV Security Cabinet
Enclosure Use:
Secure NVR Storage & Use
Equipment Capacity:
Up to 2RU (240 - 480mm Wide, 465mm Max Depth)
Load Capacity:
Monitor Capacity:
Up To 24" Monitor (50/75/100mm VESA Mount)
Cold Rolled Steel with White Hammertone Surface
Dual Cabinet Locks
Cable Entry:
50mm Knockouts with Protective Grommets
5 Outlet Power Rail (PDU) Supports 19" Standard Rack Mount PDU's
580mm x 185mm x 635mm (W x D x H)
Brown Box with Label
1 Year
Included Accessories:
5 Outlet PDU, 2 x Cooling Fans, 2 x Keys, Monitor Brackets, Cable Mounts, Knockout Grommets, Captive Nuts & Screws, Wall Mounting Template
Carton Quantity:
Pallet Quantity:
Product Information Sheet:
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