Nitto Denko NIT11B No. 11 Amalgamation Tape - 10M



Nitto Denko NIT11B No. 11 Amalgamation Tape - 10 Metre

Nitto 11 & 15 Self Fusing Butyl Rubber Tapes are perfect for use as anti corrosive protection & insulation to 22KV. Nitto 11 & 15 completely amalgamates within 2 hours after being applied with a stretch of 80%, protecting your cable splices & connections from corrosion.


  • 0.5mm x 19mm x 10m
  • Exceptional weatherability and ozone resistance
  • NItto 15 has no interliner - no peeling off time
  • Superior volume resistivity, high breakdown voltage, low dielectric loss tangent
  • Excellent resistance to moisture, water & chemicals
  • General applications: Anti corrosive protection for high & low voltage connections in outdoor situations